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Byzantine Catholic Church in the Ukraine

Since 1989 there have been built in Mukachevo Eparchy 150 churches and chapels. Another 60 churches are in the process of construction. Besides that they need to built yet 30 more new churches and chapels. At present there are two Greek Catholic parish communities that still celebrate Holy Liturgies under the open sky regardless of the court decision for the Orthodoxies to return their church buildings.

At present they have ready 63 rectories (parish houses). 22 rectories are in the process of construction and another 20 – in the process of reconstruction (altogether 105 rectories). They have to build yet 80 rectories in order to ensure a full value pastoral care in all the parishes, and to ensure that Mukachevo Eparchy needs 190 rectories.

Before 1949 their church counted more than 500 property of real estate (rectories, schools, educative houses…). Since legalization in 1989 they have received back only 60 buildings in which for the moment they celebrate the Liturgies, because in such village the church is left to the Orthodox communities. Some of their old property was given for the property of different institutions, and that  will never be returned.

For the moment they have 222 eparchial priests, 25 religious, and 9 emeritus. They need to build the rectories, because the majority of their priests live in private apartments far from their communities.

They search for the resources to keep their 106 seminarians plus 20 seminarians that study abroad; they look also for the new churches, rectories, pastoral centers to can have contacts with the people, for the charity centers. With your generosity, you can help us gain the resources they need.