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Children’s Rosary

The Children’s Rosary is a lay prayer movement for children. It is an effort to begin in parishes Rosary prayer groups composed of children and led by children. The target age of the children for these prayer groups is between 4 and 14 years old. The children of Fatima and Bernadette of Lourdes were all within this age range. However, there is flexibility at each end of the range and children should never be turned away if they have a desire to be part of a prayer group. Of special note are children with disabilities who may be older in age but have a special place in the Children’s Rosary. These children should be encouraged to be a part of this prayer movement. Adults are always welcome and encouraged to come to the Children’s Rosary. These individuals are the special “guardian angels” of this movement.

Through prayer of the Rosary Our Lady will guide our young people while at the same time sanctify families and Parishes.

The Children’s Rosary continues only through the generosity of people like yourself. We try to do a great deal with very little. We would like to share with you how your donation makes a difference.

  1. A donation of $25.00 helps us share enough materials for a new small Children’s Rosary group to form in the United States.
  2. A donation of $50.00 helps us send enough materials for a small Children’s Rosary group to begin in a foreign country.
  3. As requests internationally are usually for large groups, $125.00 allows us to send enough materials for 75 Children to have enough materials to begin a group and each child to have a Rosary.
  4. Smaller donations of $5-$20.00 allow us to put together a missionary package to hand deliver to a person traveling to a distant area of the world to help begin Children’s Rosary groups.
  5. Larger donations of $1,000 or more help us meet the demands of materials from missionary outposts where 15-20 new groups are requesting materials.

They also made their materials available free of charge to the Xavier Society for the Blind. They in turn provide the materials free of charge to blind individuals that request them.

Children’s Rosary also sends statues of Our Lady of Fatima to families in remote regions such as Kenya. The families live off of the land living simple lives without modern technology but they have a lively faith and devotion to Our Lady. One of the small children Purity, age 12, asks “Can we get a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary so when we pray we can [be] in front of her?”